Apply Online

Click on- Apply online. You will get the form, Fill up and Send please. Before applying please read the rules and regulations;

Class Schedule  

  1. Class Schedule Saturday-Monday-Wednesday or Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday; three days in a week. Exception:  Friday and Saturday for Hardware course only.
  2. Institute is open: 10am-9pm. Lunch Break: 1pm-3pm.

 Payment Procedure

  1. For two months long courses- Students have to pay full course fee at the time of admission.
  2.  For three or more months’ courses- Students can pay the fee in two installment. First installment, 50% of the course fee, has to be paid at the time of admission. Second installment, remaining 50%, has to be paid within a month from the date of admission.
  3. If the registration time is declared (for related courses), students must pay the due amount before completing registration. ‘Within a month’ will not be applicable here.

Regularity & Maintaining Class Time 

  1. Students should attend the class regularly. If anyone can’t come for any reason, he/she should inform it and know the date and time of makeup class. If any student doesn’t inform, the institute is not bound to arrange makeup class for him/her.
  2. Class time should be maintained properly. If anyone feels that he/she needs to change the class time, he is advised to contact the office.
  3. Absence of one month or more, without informing, will cause readmission. Readmission fee will be included with the course fee.


  1. Students are instructed to be connected with this institute through Social Media. This connection will help students to get notices and related other information easily.
  2.  Institute’s website- also can be helpful for the students. They can visit the website to get related updates.